About Us

In Thailand, the healing arts are passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter; from father to son.

Our Massage Center was founded upon this peaceful ritual.

We began our center journey with a simple desire to pass this healing knowledge on to all guests seeking solace and relaxation.

At The Spirit Thai Massage Center while our therapists bestow their expert touch upon your physical body, its effect resonates through the core of your wellbeing.

Classic modern Thai atmosphere, experience relaxation and rejuvenation.

Thai massage at The Spirit Thai Massage Center will leave your body, mind and soul in complete bliss.

Let us help you transform your life. Leave it to us to look after your health and take everyday care for your body and mind.

Allow us to bring you a sense of satisfaction and personal progress that will be reflected in all segments of your life.

A Dream come true
(By tony abou malhab)

I discovered the Thai Massage during one of my visits to Thailand and I decided to take courses in this field to deepen my knowledge.

I continued taking the course in the best schools in Thailand until I got my degree in teaching in 2004.

That same year, I returned to Lebanon and started to practice my Thai Massage.

My clients reacted so positively that, day by day clientele list grew.

My Thai traditional massage was a success in Lebanon and I felt there was a great demand for it.

This is how I came up with the idea for the project; It was time for The Spirit.

We opened for the public in January 2007.

Our Vision

Be better and be happier.

Are you dreaming of a place where the paths to resolving all your health and life problems are wide open?

Do you feel you deserve new energy and more joy, without having to climb a desolate mountain peak in order to feel connected to nature and to smell the scent of pure celestial breath?

It’s this that lies at the heart of our everyday practice at The Spirit Center, and yet in a spirit of mystical breezes and the eternal spectrum of life’s colors.

From now on it will be easier for you to slide into a space where you will feel genuine relief from the pains of body and soul, and where you will be able to enter into a new state of harmony.

The Spirit will help you to feel better and happier, to feel satisfied.

Our specialities

Relieves Stress & Tension
Relaxes Muscles
Helps Manage Pain
Strengthens Immunity